...I’m Laura, and I’m a freelance writer based in York. I’ve been writing more or less forever; I made my debut in 1989 with the gripping and critically-acclaimed short story Rabbit’s Holiday (hey, my mum loved it) and I haven’t looked back since.

I spent over a decade teaching the teenagers of Leeds and Brussels about the power and beauty of self-expression, frequently via some light-hearted mockery of Wayne Rooney’s tweets. Now I feel pretty unironically hashtag blessed to earn a living writing for a range of super duper brands and businesses. 

Things I like include the Oxford comma, gerunds, miserable contemporary Irish fiction, Jameson whiskey, Jarvis Cocker, semi-colons and anything with peanut butter in it.

I’m less keen on exclamation marks, the word ‘hustle’ being used outside of the context of unethical business dealings and people who say “Have you tried having a bath?” when you’re in labour.

I live with my husband and two small boys and spend a lot of my time cleaning porridge off furniture.

This is my story; what’s yours?