Website Copy


If you’re a business, I can write about your product, services or offering in a way that’s both appropriate and authentic. A corporate voice can be human, too - in fact, the most effective ones nearly always are. No duller-than-dishwater copy here, thank you very much.

If you’re a one-(wo)man b(r)and, I can eliminate the cringe of writing about yourself. I have a knack - actually, it’s more of a skill that I’ve dutifully honed - for capturing voices and making you sound equal parts impressive and approachable (or whatever adjectives you’re aiming for).

I specialise in agrifood and agribusiness, but that covers quite a range; I’ve produced website content for an agribusiness recruitment agency, agricultural consultancies, farm management companies and even a psychologist with a professional interest in farmers’ mental health.

I’m also - shock horror! - interested in the world beyond food and farming, and I’m particularly interested in hearing about literary, educational, creative, cultural and philanthropic projects.


Everything starts with a conversation over the phone (or a coffee, if you’re based near York). From there we agree a content list, a price and a rough timeline.

Often - after some initial questionnaires and more digging over the phone if required - I produce an About page or Bio and a Services section first as a style sample. Once you’ve had a read and we’ve talked it through sentence by sentence, I go back to the drawing board.

I edit and tweak until it feels thrillingly, unquestionably yours. Then the rest of the content follows, with as much back and forth as we need to make sure you’re completely satisfied.


Five pages of web copy starts at £600.